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Nitty Gritty's first feature, "All God's Creatures", available on Amazon Video

The little thriller that could...

It's been almost 7 years since All God's Creatures premiered at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Co-directed by Nitty Gritty's Ryan Charles and Frank Licata, the film: a romantic thriller about a serial killer who falls in love with a prostitute, garnered two nominations at said festival and went on to receive a distribution deal from Osiris Entertainment at the AFM (American Film Market) in 2012.

Nitty Gritty is proud to have produced this little indie that could and would like to point out that it's available over on Amazon Prime. Included in your membership. Which we know you just got for the shipping really. But hey-- now you can watch ALL GOD'S CREATURES!

So head on over to Amazon Streaming and check out the debut feature from Nitty Gritty Studios.

Actor/Producer Josh Folan with Director Ryan Charles on the set of ALL GOD'S CREATURES

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