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Starting solo with the micro-budgets AMERICAN STANDARD and DROP DEAD DRUNK, NITTY GRITTY finally teamed up with NYEH ENTERTAINMENT for BAD APPLES, a comedic pilot about four struggling artists struggling in depravity in NYC and the feature ALL GOD'S CREATURES, "a romantic thriller about a serial killer who falls in love with a prostitute" that sold at AFM (American Film Market) in 2011 and is currently available to devour for free over on TUBI, PLEX or XUMO.

          Check out shorts, trailers and scene samples from NITTY GRITTY STUDIOS.


NITTY GRITTY has produced a number of shorts on its own, played a part in the cutting room on a number of others-- but perhaps is best known for its collaboration with RAWSHOCK FILMS and filmmaker Marco Aguilar on the ZOMBIE PARKOUR Short Films. Garnering 15 million + views to date collectively you can check out the films-- as well as all sorts of fun videos like animatics and pre-viz fight scenes-- over on the: 


                                 ZOMBIE PARKOUR YouTube Page.


NITTY GRITTY founder Ryan Charles has had a long-standing relationship with Wakan Films and filmmaker Khashyar Darvich.  Meeting in L.A. over 6 years ago Ryan has lent NITTY GRITTY's expertise to a number of Darvich's projects-- both local and foreign-- having cut no less than 2 feature docs, a dozen socials, trailers and shorts and also participated in filming trips as far away as the jungles of Sri Lanka and as intense as inside the prison walls at Oregon State Correctional Institution.


Having worked extensively on all areas of the documentary filmmaking process-- from production to editing to marketing and distribution-- Ryan has a unique expertise that he has put to work on other documentary projects since-- both big and small-- and even helped him, for a time, to run the social media over at Desktop Documentaries, a premier resource for documentary filmmakers.

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