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Nitty Gritty launches FINAL CUT PRO X Training Course...

Nitty Gritty Studios is proud to announce the release of a 4-hour, Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) Training Crash-Course for editors and content creators.

Apple's Final Cut Pro is one of the main NLE's (non-linear editor) used by filmmakers and content creators-- and here at Nitty Gritty Studios it is one of our go-to tools when we sit down to work our magic on a pile of footage. With that in mind Nitty Gritty founder Ryan Charles has developed a 4-hour, FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) Crash-Course where even the greenest novice-- with little to no knowledge of filmmaking or editing-- can fully learn how to use Final Cut Pro X from the ground up to create stunning video content for any and all of your needs!

The Complete Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Crash Course is designed for anybody and everybody to learn Final Cut, Pro X, proficiently and efficiently enough to be able to import, edit and export their own content-- no matter if it's for a film, a branded social or for your YouTube channel. Take your video editing from beginner to professional with Final Cut Pro X.

You can head over to FCPX MARKS THE SPOT for more info on the course or just dive in by enrolling in the class below:

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