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So You Wanna Be  A Producer?

If you want to sit at the grown-ups table, submit your film to Sundance, sell it to Netflix and the whole nine yards... the hard truth is that you need to approach the whole endeavor as a business-- and treat the movie as a product-- not just a piece of art. This means lots of paperwork and legalities. So what do you do?


Well, you either hire some kick-ass producer who can do it for you but-- 

a.) you may not have the money for that at this point in development.

b.) even if you did-- how much is a hired hand really going to care about your film? 

c.) you like being in control of your vision and want to do it yourself!

The problem is that while there are plenty of resources, tutorials, courses, podcasts and magazines on cameras, editing, cinematography, writing, directing, more cameras, software, hardware and everything in between... there really aren't many on the art and process of PRODUCING-- and the few resources that do exist here tend to be next-level producers telling anecdotes that while entertaining and illuminating don't help you break your script down, create a budget, option/puchase scripts or become a SAG signatory. 

And so this section is an attempt to begin to remedy that.

The PRODUCER'S CORNER is made up of three (3) sections: 

1.) The OTS (Over The Shoulder) Producer's Podcast: 

Follow over Ryan Charles' shoulder as he attempts to take an ultra low-budget indie feature from script to screen in the most detailed podcast on indie producing ever made. Through in-depth walkthroughs of the actual steps involved in making an indie movie from contracts, clearances, insurance, payroll and line-budgets to creative, administrative and meditative all the way through to production, post-production, marketing, distribution and more!!!


The show also features interviews with more seasoned producers who will add their expert perspectives to the tasks at hand and share insights from various productions they've worked on throughout the years!

Head on over to the OTS PRODUCER'S PODCAST...

2.) Nitty Gritty Studios' PINTEREST Board


An ever updating collection of over 100 evergreen pins regarding every aspect of film, filmmaking, the film business and more!


3.) Great Producer Resources: 

While they are few and far between there are a number of incredible resources for Producers out there on the interwebs-- podcasts, blogs, and websites alike. 


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