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About Nitty Gritty Studios

Nitty Gritty Studios started as a bunch of cousins making movies by editing back and forth from camera to VCR and has evolved through the years to encompass everything from serial killer love stories (ALL GODS CREATURES; 2012), zombies (ZOMBIE PARKOUR; 2011 & 2016), video essays, socials and feature films both narrative and documentary.

What are we exactly? We're a post-production apartment (as opposed to a house-- get it?) that has the technical know-how to protect and nurture your project from camera to screen while creatively guiding it down the narrow path of excellence.

Our latest co-production, KISS THE BRUISE was the official selection of over a dozen film festivals and was co produced by the Oscar winning producer of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, the legendary Howard Rosenman.

Nitty Gritty has worked on grass-roots marketing and distribution teams, booking documentaries into nearly 60 venues-- a lot of whom sold out-- and has shot documentaries on location in places as exotic as Sri Lanka (THE SILENCE OF HAPPINESS) and as intense as prison (FORGIVING BUDDHA).

And did I mention we have mobile rain machines?

Get at us if you've got something exciting and you feel we might be able to help in some way!

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